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Haruhi In Wonderland Icons (25)

Haruhi In Wonderland Icons

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Random Anime Icons...


Nothing much but a couple of icons I started working on. They aren't the best but I am just starting out with making icons for livejournal. I hope to add more soon ^__^

  • 6 Samurai Champloo Icons *Group*
  • 4 Eureka 7 Icons *Just Eureka*
  • 3 Bleach Icons *Just Grimmjow*
  • 5 Ouran Icons *Group*

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Samurai Champloo (Base Set #2)

Samurai Champloo *Last Episodes* Bases

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Samurai Champloo Bases (Episode 18)

Samurai Champloo *Episode 18* Bases

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The Resources


These are all the sites that I use for resources, as well as communities for the tutorials I've used or places where I download things.

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